"Getting the right light control"

With their good looks and versatility shutters are effortlessly chic. They have many plus points including privacy, light control, sound and draught proofing whilst making a laid back style statement.

Our shutters collection is an inspired choice of chic and contemporary styles, shapes and finishes that will add an exciting dimension to any scheme.

Pick from a luxe colour palette that includes a huge choice of gorgeous painted and natural finishes.

Or if you prefer to unleash your own innate style, revel in our custom colour option and explore the tones that suit your décor.

Each shutter is bespoke and made-to-measure to reflect the individual architecture of the window, from the size of the louvre right down to the colour of the hinge and fitted by our highly specialist team to the most exacting standards.

So whether you enjoy contemporary modern living, have a period home or a cool city pad, we can help you find a stunning design solution that meets your specific needs.


A Product
“café style”

What are they?
Panels that cover only bottom half of window.
Cheaper than full shutters and let in more light. Gives a lovely Continental feel. Less draught proofing – more a decorative feature than practical.
Best for privacy in urban areas.

Full height

A Product
“Full height”

What are they?
Most popular, full height panels cover the whole window. Quite often full height shutters will have a divider rail so you can operate the slats above and below it independently to control the light according to your needs. Great for insulation, privacy and noise control. Best for: French or patio doors and tall windows but are sufficiently flexible to be adapted to any window.


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What are they?
Rather than fitting shutters in the usual manner with frames and hinges, these shutters slide on a track. They concertina back. Pros: Give easy access through a patio door and can be pulled right back to make the most of a view.
Cons: Not suitable for a window with a sill.
Best for: Any type of door.
Great for larger windows and sliding doors.


A Product

What are they?
Solid wood panels that cover the window entirely. And very insulating. Best for: Bedrooms, draughty period properties.

Shaped shutters

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“Shaped shutters”

What are they?
Bespoke panels to fit unusual and awkward shaped windows. They give a clean and interesting alternative to curtains or blinds. Best for any unusual shaped window but can be expensive.